Online Payments

The link below will allow for parents or students to fund their lunch account online via credit card or ACH payment. If you prefer to pay by check or cash please turn in an envelope including your students full name and pin number in the box at the reception desk of Grammar Hall. Payments made online or dropped off at school may take up to 24 hours to post and be available for purchases. Your student will still be allowed to eat and use their lunch account while the funds are processing.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact your Food Service Director: Abigail Scruggs or the Assistant Food Service Director: Corey Jillett via the contact buttons on the bottom of the page.

Lunch Time is the computerized prepayment system for school meals at Regents School of Austin. Students use a pin number to access their account in the lunch line. Lunch Time is a declining balance system, similar to a checking account. Money must be in the account in order to purchase a meal, extra milk or a la carte items. There is no maximum amount that you can pre-pay, and there are options that make it easy for you to keep track of your family account and make payments.


  • Where can I drop off money for my students lunch account? The box at the reception desk of Grammar Hall.

  • If my student's account is negative will they still be allowed to eat? Yes, students with a negative balance will still be allowed to purchase a main meal, but a la carte purchases will not be allowed.

  • Where can I see purchases my student has made? If you log into the Online Payment portal (linked above) you can view your students transaction report.

  • Can I restrict my child from making purchases? Yes, if you log into the Online Payment portal (linked above) it will allow you to restrict items for purchase.